Preputial / Vaginal Scraper  Campylobacter (C. fetos) / Trichomonas (T. foetus)

Single use product – disposable

Pack: 10 units

Size: 65cm (L)


Product Instructions:

  • Bull:       Cut prepuce hair, sanitize and dry.
  • Cow:     Sanitize the vulva and dry.
  • Bull:       Carefully introduce the BRM Stick™ into preputial cavity and

perform smooth strokes within the cavity.

  • Cow:     Carefully introduce the BRM Stick™ to the floor of the

vaginal fornix and perform strokes in order to collect

a sample of  mucus.

  • Bull/Cow:           Remove the BRM Stick™ and place the spiral collection tip

inside the sample tube or pouch containing medium.

Rotate and stir the BRM Stick™ inside the tube or pouch containing

medium in order to release the sample taken.   

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Raspador Prepuscial / Vaginal

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